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It’s no secret that the rate of violence has increased all over Canada amid the pandemic, which is why firms need to be on their toes and maximize the safety of their employees and products. You can install CCTV cameras and other modern security products, but is that enough? We don’t think so.


Your company needs constant security guard patrolling to prevent any potential burglary and keep your commercial premises safe at all costs. If you want to keep your office in Edmonton secure, it’s time to hire experienced security guards.

Patrol Security Guard Services Available In Edmonton

Hiring security guards not only increases the overall safety of your firm but is also an excellent way to gain customer trust. Your clients won’t visit your office or the shopping mall if they feel unsafe, which is why we recommend you hire patrolling security guards in Edmonton from Jewish Security.


We offer effective security services to a wide range of firms, including condominiums, shopping malls, offices, warehouses, construction sites, educational organizations, parking lots, hospitals, and many more.


Our security guards can prevent threats in your office premises by screening individuals using a metal detector. We provide patrolling and static security officers to ensure all areas of your home and office are secure.

Why Should You Choose Jewish Security?

At Jewish Security, our objective as one of Edmonton’s leading security guard companies is to make every individual feel secure by providing patrolling services that act as a powerful deterrent to crime. We not only provide commercial security services, but our officers offer their services at residential areas too.


We strive to provide our customers with exceptional security guard services, and our security managers conduct frequent checks on our security guards to maintain our high-quality standards.


All our patrol security guards in Edmonton are selected after a rigorous training process that tests their physical and mental capabilities. We screen out only the best security officers to ensure your firm gets the ultimate protection.


Our experts can analyze your firm’s security loopholes and draft tailor-made security solutions. We can provide a mix of static and patrolling security guards to deliver maximum protection for your office. Our security guards can timely detect any potential threat and respond to these threats to keep your office and warehouses safe.


Undoubtedly, Jewish Security is the one-stop solution for all your security needs. From commercial to residential patrolling, we can provide a wide range of protection services.

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