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The increasing homicide rates in Edmonton pose an alarming situation for the residents, and this is why ensuring home security is more important now than ever. Experienced security guards coupled with excellent security products like alarm systems and metal detectors can provide your neighbourhood with the ultimate protection.

Maintain A Safe Neighbourhood

Looking to increase the security of your neighbourhood? It’s time to hire home security guards in Edmonton from Jewish Security. Our home security guards offer top-class concierge services in residential buildings to ensure a friendly and violence-free environment. They can conduct efficient reception duties in your buildings and prevent any intruder from entering the premises.


Community-based events are a common target for criminals. Luckily, our home security officers can deliver efficient crowd management services and ensure all the events in your neighbourhood are conducted without any hassle. We provide pre-event security to prevent intruders from entering the event area. Our security guards can stay up late and deliver top-notch post-event security services to ensure all equipment is safely packed and dispatched.


Our security officers are trained to efficiently report and write any unforeseen circumstance that can be useful to the local police. With our efficient reporting services, we can help you and government officers catch potential criminals.


In your neighbourhood, where your kids play sports outside, and your family spends time in the park, if you want friendly and approachable security guards, you’ve come to the right place! We provide excellent customer support training to our guards, which helps them deal with the public easily.

Stay Safe In Edmonton

You won’t be able to sleep peacefully at night if you’re worried about a potential robbery, which is why you should hire our home security guards who can protect you and your family at all costs. Our security guards are equipped to manage your residential parking area and ensure to monitor all vehicles.


Our home security guards in Edmonton know how to handle first aid emergencies and can deal with any situation calmly.


We provide twenty-four-hour security patrolling services and can attach metal detectors at every entry point to prevent any weapons in your residential premises. Our static guards can be placed at strategic locations in your area to prevent any burglary.


If you want top-of-the-line protection for your house and offices in Edmonton, don’t forget to contact the representatives at Jewish Security.

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